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With over three decades of dedicated experience in the Property and Casualty insurance industry, Paul Harper, Founder and President of Torex Consulting, has forged a successful career path since the early 1990s, initially starting as a producer. Evolving through various leadership roles, including sales team leader and regional sales management, Paul’s journey culminated in his pivotal role as Chief Operating Officer at a multinational insurance brokerage in the early 2000s.

During his tenure, Paul played a pivotal role in propelling the brokerage from its inception to a flourishing operation, expanding to seven locations with a workforce exceeding 50 employees across Canada and the US. Notably, under his stewardship, the brokerage achieved a remarkable normalized EBITDA exceeding 40%, showcasing his adeptness in driving profitability and operational efficiency.

In 2015, the brokerage achieved a significant milestone with a successful acquisition by a prominent private US-based brokerage, a testament to Paul’s strategic leadership and management prowess. Building on this rich tapestry of experience, Paul established Torex Consulting in 2018, offering bespoke management and operations consulting services to agencies and brokerages, including top 100 agencies across both countries.

Paul’s expertise spans a multitude of areas, with a particular focus on acquisition and merger integration, agency management, electronic system integration and utilization, automation, human resource optimization, and fostering robust insurance carrier relationships. His hands-on involvement in vetting, analyzing, and integrating over 50 acquisitions underscores his acumen in navigating complex organizational transitions.

Furthermore, Paul boasts extensive proficiency in multiple electronic agency management systems, having negotiated and overseen several system conversions throughout his career. His comprehensive understanding and adept utilization of these systems have been instrumental in enhancing operational efficiency and driving business success for his clients.

With a track record of delivering tangible results and a commitment to excellence, Paul stands as a trusted advisor and industry leader, dedicated to empowering agencies and brokerages to thrive in today’s competitive insurance landscape.


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